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Premex Group

Premex Group is a specialist outsourcing organisation offering a diverse range of products and services to the insurance and legal sectors. Founded in 1996, Premex is part of the ExamWorks family, a leading global independent medical examinations provider headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. 

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Medico-Legal Reports

Premex Services is the UK's largest independent provider of medico-legal reports used to assist in the resolution of personal injury claims.

ExamWorks Group

Premex Group is part of the ExamWorks family, a global provider of medical examinations and related services with offices in the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Claims Investigation

ExamWorks Investigation Services is a leading claims investigation company. Services provided include investigations, fraud detection, fraud screening, surveillance and cognitive interviewing to the insurance sector.

Fast & Multi-Track Rehabilitation

3d is a leading provider of diagnostic and treatment services to customers in the insurance, legal and commercial sectors.

Clinical Solutions

ExamWorks UK provides clinical solutions and assessment services for the NHS and private organisations. Our services include independent assessments for continuing healthcare and disability cases.